Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sun in the Afternoon . . .

 Summer Afternoon;

to me those have always 

been the two most beautiful words

in the English language.

- Henry James -

DIY: Home Edition

The holiday weekend is finally over, June is here , and I am now able to truly unwind and enjoy a few lazy summer days. When I am not occupied with school work , two of the things I enjoy doing most are writing and starting DIY projects. Now that the summer is upon us , I started a small but time consuming project of renovating my room . I'm in no rush to have it completed , I like the idea of slowly building and getting things here and there to add to it`s character. So far , I have painted the walls a calming sea glass color and have picked up a few knick knacks from local flea markets and shops to add to things I already owned. It should be the warm, inviting oasis I'm envisioning by the end of the summer .