Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Clothes are never a frivolity: they always mean something."

The thought of waking up at 7 for a bio lab is stressful enough without the daunting question of "what am I going to wear?!" The Luxe Standard is making your morning a little easier by taking runway looks and compiling a list of essential fashion basics that coincide with the current trends for Fall/Winter 2010 so not only will be on time for class, but you`ll be in style while doing so !

(the essentials):

knit cardigans
sheer blouses
basic tees&tanks
maxi skirts
This look consists of pairing long jersey skirts with simple tops for an easy going, care free look. Add a leather belt to make the look more polished but still simplistic. Clogs, combat boots, or flat sandals all pair up well.

(the essentials)

solid colored pieces
colored legwear

Maybe an all yellow ensemble isn`t something you want to wear while strutting to your first class of the day, but this one colored hue trend is definitely something that can be pulled off on campus. Go for more subtle tones such as burgundy,olive, or gray in different shades of that one color. Carry a bag of a different color or texture such as a leather to add a bit of contrast to your look.

(the essentials)
denim pieces
knit pieces
anything you want to layer!

The key to achieving this look is knowing what to layer and when enough is enough! Denim shorts with tights, a blouse and cardigan is a simple, clean layered look that most people can do without much hassle. Any of the looks below can be achieved with items most of us have in our closets!
Remember: ALWAYS take pride in your appearance & own your look no matter where or what you are doing.
You never know when an opportunity will strike =)  
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. "

Last friday, Christine and I, along with her cousin and a few of her friends took a trip to South Street. We visited an Irish Pub (I forget the name) which had a hookah bar on the 2nd floor. I have never done hookah before so this was an interesting experience. The ambience was relaxing, thanks to the dim lighting. It's a great way to chill and enjoy the company of your friends. I suggest you visit a hookah bar if you haven't done so already!

                                                A few random photographs from earlier in the evening.                                   

 The cool window display of a jewelry store.

I took a pic anyway on my cellphone to be discrete, aha.


Monday, August 2, 2010

"This is the best. This is just too perfect, so serene, so peaceful. There's nothing like it."

Last Saturday, Christine and I were down South Street once again! Its almost starting to feel like our second home. Christine and I were interested in doing volunteer work with Philly AIDS Thrift (click here to view our earlier post on PHILLY AIDS THRIFT) .We had a meeting/orientation one of the owners Christina, who was very pleasant. Our first day of work begins next Friday. After our meeting we found an area off South Street where a small park/old cemetery was located. It was so cozy and peaceful so we decided to snap a few pics.