Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Immortal Uncommon Resale Shop's 14th Birthday !

Christine and I were invited to the Immortal Uncommon Resale Shop's 14th birthday event through Adee Lawal of Muuahhh Vintage Boutique . There were tons of designer as well as vintage clothes and accessories. Some of our favorite items were the gorgeous floor length fur coats and the St. John suits. We met the store's our, Caren, who was extremely hospitable as well as those who were helping around the store. They definitely made the experience much more pleasant. We hope to visit the store again in the near future! If you are interested in stopping by, the shop is locatedat 125 S 18th Street in Center City, Philadelphia.

 The gorgeous antique telephone Christine purchased from the store !

Afterwards, we headed to Anthropologie and Barney's Co-Op (Sorry there are no photographs from there. The store was closing shortly after we arrived). Below are some beautiful photos from Anthropologie. The architecture of the store is amazing! By the way, we ran across some cute denim parkas that were originally $128 on sale for $29.99, WHAT A STEAL! There will be pics of those in the next post.