Saturday, May 21, 2011

What a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

  The weather is gorgeous today! We have finally been given a relief from the weeks of rainy, dreary, cold weather. I decided to go out and enjoy the city before we were hit with our next round of thunderstorms and clouds. Lately, I have found myself confined to the house due to the severity of the weather. Luckily, today I was able to hit up a few local stores and do some light shopping. I am in dire need of a new summer wardrobe!

Now that the semester has ended, Christine and I hope to post more frequently, as we plan to attend more fashion events, parties, etc and enjoy our summer break! We also expect our lives to continue to be very busy as well as we look for more fashion opportunities together. We have sky high dreams we'd love to accomplish under The Luxe Standard and we will keep you all updated with our journey as we propel the "brand" to greater heights. Christine and I are in the works of beginning a small (for now) styling and consultation business. Our first step was ordering business cards, and we are anxious for their arrival so we can finally work towards our dreams of taking on the fashion world as a duo! 

 I wish I had more pics to share, but this is just a quick post before I take a nap. I have a family event I will be attending later tonight.